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Need a painter for end of tenancy painting in Pepperstock? We’re only a quick call away. We’re the local painting and decorators in Pepperstock. End of tenancy painting is one of the services that we offer and our prices are very competitive – call us. Just let us take care of it so that you can focus on getting you next tenant organized. 

We are the expert local painters and decorators in Pepperstock. We’ve been in painting in Pepperstock and the surrounding area nearly 20 years. We’re really proud of the really great quality of our painting and our exceptional customer service. If you want end of tenancy painting – it doesn’t matter if you are the tenant, the landlord or the letting agency – you can rely on us to do great work.

As a family owned and operated painting and decorating company, we are very proud of our work and we guarantee all of the painting we complete. On top of that we only ever employ qualified and time served painters to join our team of tradesmen.

Urgent warning for the private landlord in search of their next tenant. Did you know that your property will be have more appeal and will be easier to rent when you have us professionally clean it and You may have been really lucky with your previous tenants?

Really good renters hopefully will have treated the house with care but it is likely that there will be a few minor marks and scratches to paint over – and that is something that we can do at a very low cost.

Unfortunately, on many occasions there are often a good number of tenants at the opposite end of the scale and it is often the case that a lot of rental properties are left dirty and in poor condition.

Allow us to take care of any deep cleaning that may be necessary. If the damage is bad then it’s possible that a lot of painting may be needed in order to attract the next letting.

Attention Pepperstock estate agents and landlords. Are you looking for commercial cleaning and decoration in Pepperstock? We’re here whenever you need us!

Give us a call first. We are here to help landlords and letting agents in Pepperstock with our professional cleaning service that is reliable and affordable.

There is often a requirement on the commercial tenant to have the property is properly cleaned and painted before they move out of the property. Check your commercial tenancy

agreements for any details and call on us if you want assistance with the cleaning and painting. We can offer this to all our clients a professional cleaning of the property including carpet cleaning when it is required

If you want a professional cleaning service give us a call. We provide carpet cleaning that is likely to be cost much less than that it costs to replace the carpets. It is only one of our expert cleaning services that we can offer you.

Why not have us look after your post tenancy painting and decorating. We’ll have your office or shop in perfect condition before it is ready to go back on the rental market. You already know that it is no secret that a shop or office will will rent more quickly when it smells and looks clean, tidy and fresh.

It has long been part of our business plan to grow to become more than the local decorating and painting Pepperstock business. For many years we wanted to be in a position to offer our commercial customers a reliable cleaning service and we decided to take on a team of professional cleaning staff to enable us to provide that service.

Are you searching for some tenancy cleaning Pepperstock so that your property cab be made ready to paint and decorate, then call us. We are ready to supply your business with the complete solution. Whenever you are in need of office cleaning Pepperstock please call us first and we will provide you with a free no obligation quotation.

Simply because we have much lower costs than any of the bigger contract cleaning companies, we’re frequently able to provide much more reasonable prices and still provide you with a very high-quality service

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Pepperstock is a small hamlet situated directly on Bedfordshire’s southern border with Hertfordshire. In fact, it was officially located in Hertfordshire as part of Flamstead parish for much of its existence, until being moved into Bedfordshire in 1965. The town’s administration was re-organised once more in 2000, as it became a part of the newly established Slip End parish along with the hamlets of Lower Woodside and Woodside. The total population of Slip End parish is under 2,000.

The name Pepperstock comes from the Anglo-Saxon given name “Pippera,” and “Stock” which means place. So altogether it simply means “Pippera’s place.” Located in the Chiltern hills, Pepperstock is more elevated than most of Bedfordshire, standing more than 500 feet above sea level. The landscape is mostly clay, silt, and sand.

Pepperstock is largely comprised of residential caravans, including a Traveler’s Site. Caravans and small duplexes outnumber traditional houses by a wide margin. The permanent buildings that do stand in Pepperstock, including the former Half Moon Public House, are built in a unique vernacular style, with timber framing, brick infills, and clay tile roofs. It is known to be a very noisy area thanks to its proximity to the M1 motorway and Luton airport.

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