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Is it time to get the exterior painting looked after at your home or business once again? We are your painting professionals.

Just call us and we won’t disappoint you. When you are considering decorating the exterior of your home? Hire us as your exterior painters in Luton and we guarantee that you will be really pleased with your results.

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Many people think that not a lot of skill is needed for exterior decorating. But there is a lot more to it than just simply brushing on a coat of paint – and we know all about it! We are your local painting and decorating with over 28 years in business.

Every one of our employees is a qualified and skilled craftsman – a professional painter and decorator who takes great pride in their painting. Give is a call for a free quotation for your exterior painting work.

Perhaps you had not given it much thought yet, there is probably quite a bit of of preparation work that is required before any exterior painting can begin. It is highly probable that your exterior walls will require to be power washed.

This will not only remove all of the debris and dirt that builds up, but it is certain to remove any loose and flaking paint also.

Preparation is the key to getting a good looking paint finish. Let us take care of the cleaning of the woodwork and wooden window frames and giving them a light sanding and then the new coat of paint will adhere.

Any other woodwork such as your fascia and soffit must be cleaned and sanded to remove any of the dirt and any flaking paint before the new painting can begin. We will take care of the preparation work as well as the decorating.

At Luton Painters we undertake all residential and commercial painting and decorating in Luton and in the nearby areas. We’ve a great reputation for perfect quality work and we really want to be your first choice for painters in Luton.

When changing the paint colour of your front door is one of the projects jobs you want to get done then here’s a couple of helpful secrets of the trade to help you to get started.

Before anything else you should ensure that you properly clean the door face to wipe away any dust, dirt and flaking or loose paint.

Right before you begin to apply your fresh coat of paint, give the door a gentle sanding with a fine grit sandpaper. This will create a good key for your new paint to take.

Painting window frames is much more difficult than you might think to get right. If you want your windows painting you should call in the best exterior painters in Luton – we are here to help.

We support all of our clients in Luton help with ourtheir interior painting and exterior decorating. Additionally we provide a great exterior house painting service which includes power washing and any of the preparation works needed to do the job right.

You’ll be delighted that we guarantee you will get a terrific quality finish for each and every paint project that we take on no matter if it is interior or exterior decorating.

We guarantee a perfect quality finish on every project that we do for all of our customers.
All is finished to a very high standard. So when you start searching for painters in Luton – please call us first.

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