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Are you looking for industrial floor painting in Luton? Then you have come to the right place.

We are your regional industrial painting contractor in Luton and industrial floor preparation and floor painting are simply some of the services that we provide.

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Numerous painting contractors supply the same painting and decorating services for home and commercial painting.

They can carry out the normal interior and external decorating. They will paint your walls, ceilings, windows and doors.

We supply you with specialized industrial painting services that as far as we know, no other painting contractor in Luton can do.

So whenever you require your floor painting– regardless if that is for a factory floor, a garage floor and even a shop– you can contact us for professional assistance.

We will supply you with the complete turn-key option for your industrial floor coatings job. We will handle whatever that is needed from the diamond grinding of concrete floors as well as any concrete floor repairs including things like hole filling and loose concrete repair work.

We look after all the preparation works needed prior to the installation of resin floors and any other epoxy resin floor coating. After that we apply the finish coat for the ideal finish.

When it comes to commercial floors and work areas epoxy resin flooring has several benefits over the more traditional polished concrete surface. Visually, epoxy resin may be coloured so it will look fantastic too.

If your firm needs a hygiene flooring then an epoxy coating ensures the solution. Where slip resistance is a requirement then a grit may be included in the resin coating before being installed.

If you need chemically resistant flooring our company can assist as we have floor coatings that are specially formulated for the purpose of commercial floor coatings.

We also have petroleum resistant coating and antislip resin finishes that are developed for application to garage floor covering in repair garages and showrooms. Some clients will continue to choose the more traditional garage floor paint since the resin flooring is a bit more costly.

However is you consider the greater wear resistance and just how much longer epoxy resin and polyurethane resin floor coatings will last you, you may rapidly justify any extra costs incurred.

If your requirement is for finishing suitable for anti static flooring’s they our company will meet your needs. Our company have certainly painted flooring’s where delicate instrumentation was to be managed and an anti static floor coating was needed.

Our team have recently carried out the painting and application of epoxy resin flooring to a large number of floors within a number of multi story car-park schemes. This included the initial floor preparation works also.

When you are trying to find a dependable floor painting contractor our company will be happy to help. Our team will manage the whole project from the initial commercial floor preparation, through to the applying of the final coating system.

Whenever you may need a sturdy floor screed or only a decorative epoxy coating we take care of it all. When it comes to car-parks our company are able to use the line marking for pedestrian walkways and any car parking spaces as necessary.

Our company will also add an anti slip finishing for the pedestrian paths to provide increased slip resistance in slippery conditions.

You can get very innovative and produce special designs in your decorative floor coating. Basically by adding in many different colours of dye to the epoxy coating will make it possible for us to create rather easy or extremely intricate designs.

This floor covering is also slip resistant as well as being chemically resistant – so it’s safe for pedestrians and the cleaning chemicals will not weaken the finish or the design.

There is a design style to leave steel work and ducting exposed and noticeable in contemporary business properties. We can provide onsite spray painting for these jobs. We also offer in-tumescent painting for the fire defense of structural steel work.

Whenever you are in need of a painting contractor who can supply industrial floor painting in Luton then get in touch with us to start with.

We provide this service due to the fact that we wish to be the most reliable residential and commercial fit out decorators in the local area.

Call on us a call and get a free quote for all your painting work. When you would like to learn more in relation to our epoxy floor finishes or if you are at the moment where you are intending to get an epoxy floor layed – then give us a call first.

If you have questions or maybe you have really individual criteria to fulfill then give us a call to set up a totally free site survey.

The epoxy paints and resins are available in a choice of colours for you to select from and it might be possible to add in a dye to obtain a specific colour which you would desire. Call us to discuss your job in the very first instance.

Looking for assistance or recommendations on epoxy coating for a factory floor, a garage floor and even a floor in your house in Luton then call on us.

We are happy to assist if you have any questions regarding an epoxy floor and would like to talk to an epoxy coating expert.

Whether or not you are only at the early planning stages or you your job is ready for coating now – we would like to talk with you.

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