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Kenilworth Road Stadium

If you like watching sports, you will love viewing your favorite teams in the old English style stadium that is Kenilworth Road Stadium Luton UK. 

Kenilworth Road was created when Luton Town moved there in 1905. The first match at the new establishment was on 4 September 1905, and the rest was history. Now the indoor arena can hold up to 20,000 seats and has a retractable roof and pitch when the weather is exceptionally beautiful. With the amount of potential, it has proudly held and hosted 85 different events a year, and they are not planning on stopping.

And, the players know how much their fans appreciate them and want to give that appreciation back, so they make sure to interact with the fans in multiple ways, especially the children. So, get ready for high-energized voices and passionate cheering, both from the fans and players.

But, the Kenilworth Road Stadium is not only used for sporting events. It also has happily and successfully provided local school pupils with ICT equipment, traditional football training, and even have football lessons in numeracy and literacy. And they are known to occasionally be the place where the England Women’s Team, England’s under 17 teams, and the International Tournament Final play.

And, if you are worried about transport, it is conveniently placed near Luton railway station and bus systems. So, if you decide to park at the train station parking lot, it is only a quick and enjoyable the twenty-minute walk. Because, yes, sometimes parking at the Stadium can fill up fast!

They have birthday options where you can have special treatment while watching your favorite game. It will include a tour of the dressing room, complimentary refreshments, and you will even be given a signed birthday card by the Man of the Match. You can also get your photos taken throughout your experience and have them sent to you within a week. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

We can all agree a long day of sports can bring a big appetite, but you do not have to worry. Kenilworth Road Stadium has a variety of refreshments and food available for you to enjoy while you watch the game. With prices like a pint of lager, £1.50 bottle of Coke, and burger £2.50, you are sure to get a satisfying snack or drink. And there are bathrooms available for your convenience.

It is even close to a community and local garden, so after you enjoy the game, you can explore the town a little. Because as much as you can love sports, it might also be a good idea to see what else Luton has to offer since Kenilworth Road Stadium is so accessible.

So, if you want to experience a fun sports game in a traditional beloved atmosphere, you have to book for your ticket today at Kenilworth Road Stadium.

Their location is 1 Maple Rd E, Luton LU4 8AW, United Kingdom. And, they are open from 6 am through 9:30 pm Monday through Friday.

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