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Biscot is a suburb of Luton. It is located a few minutes from Luton’s Town center. On its northern boundary, it has Montaso avenue, while in its Western and Eastern boundaries, it has Midland main line and A6 respectively.

Before Biscot was incorporated as part of Luton in the early 20th century, it used to be a small village located on the outskirts of Luton. Biscots name was traced to ‘Domesday Brook’ as ‘ Bissopescote’ which literally means ‘King’s land’.

According to the Domesday Brook, a large country house was constructed in Biscot. The country house had slightly over fifty population, which was made up of three slaves and ten villagers. The country house was subsequently passed to the Royal Manor of Luton, but following the conquest of 1066, the country house passed to various people until 1718 when it got into the hands of Arthur Wingate. Arthur subsequently sold the same in 1724 to John Crawley, who preserved it and it remained in the family of Crawley till the 20th century.

Biscot Mill is another renowned landmark in Biscot. It was built in the 16th century, but following the heavy storm of the 1840s, it was rebuilt in 1844. After its construction, the mill was acquired by Drewett Family, one of Luton’s most influential families. The Drewett family subsequently sold the mill to Frank Scargil but following the decline in production experienced in the milling industry, the mill was closed and its structure demolished in 1938.

In the mid 20th century, several industries relocated to Biscot. Some of them are : Commer, a company which manufactured Trucks, SKF, a Swedish firm, specialized in manufacturing ball bearing.

During the first World War, Biscot District played an important role as it housed Number 6 training Brigade. This was no small feat as thousands of fighters and Gunners got there training there. Following the establishment of the training camps, roads were constructed throughout Biscot. The construction of roads was quite instrumental as it aided in development of the district.

Biscot, as a part of Luton South Parliamentary Constituency has Rachel Hopkins (Labour) as its MP while the ward has three representatives : Clir Haji Abid(Labour), Clir Saima Hussain (Labour) and Clir Kashif Choudhary (Labour).

Starting from William Austin Junior School located at Austin Rd, Luton LU3 1UA, United Kingdom head southeast via Culverhouse Rd to River Bank Primary School Luton located at 1 Bath Rd, Luton LU3 1ES, United Kingdom

From River Bank Primary School, Luton, head south via New Bedford Rd./A6 to Luton Fire Station located at Studley Rd, Luton LU3 1BB, United Kingdom

From Luton Fire Station, head northwest via New Bedford Rd./A6 and Montrose Ave to Biscot Mill Veterinary Centre located at 324 Biscot Rd, Luton LU3 1AZ, United Kingdom

From Biscot Mill Veterinary Centre, head northwest via St Margarets Ave to Bellalicious Cake Company located at 1 Galliard Cl, Luton LU3 1YD, United Kingdom

From Bellalicious Cake Company, head northeast via Austin Rd to William Austin Junior School located at Austin Rd, Luton LU3 1UA, United Kingdom

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