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Bramingham is one of the suburbs found in Luton. It is located in the northern part of the town and to its Eastern border, it has A6, to its West it has the Great Bramingham wood. To its northern and Southern boundaries, it has the edge of Luton and ‘Icknield way’ respectively.

Bramingham’s distance from Luton’s Town center is approximately 5 miles. Its northern axis which is yet to be fully enmeshed in urbanization is the countryside of the district. This is however likely to change as plans have been formulated for the building of North Luton pass and a mini estate.

Bramingham was divided into two main parts ; Great Bramingham and little Bramingham Farm. The former consisted of a small village and few houses scattered on the outskirts of Great Bramingham Lane. The latter however, consisted of a farm situated at the foot of the famous Bramingham wood. This division was however blurred in the mid 1970s following the rapid growth and development that occurred in Bramingham.

Bramingham ‘s housing estate is the typical low density homes that were in vogue in the mid 1980s. It features an archaic style of arched windows constructed with fusion of timber frames. However, some houses that were there before the 1980s development are still standing till today.

Bramingham has a collection of shops littered at the town’s center. The town center also features a medical center and a church : Bramingham Park Church. It also has a pub (Brim and Crown) which serves as a relaxation spot for the residents and foreigners.

As regards Education, it has Bramingham primary school and Campus of Barnfield college (secondary school).

The Bramingham Wood is one of the most visited tourist spots in Luton town. It is a natural woodland of 45 acres with breathtaking pink campion colours, it serves as the boundary between Marsh Farm and Bramingham. Following the development of the district, the Bramingham wood was acquired by the Woodland Trust, a body charged with maintaining woodlands.

Starting from Bramingham Primary School located at  Freeman Ave, Luton LU3 4BL, United Kingdom head northwest via Whitehorse Vale and Kirby Dr to KAF Electrical located at 67 Kirby Dr, Luton LU3 4AN, United Kingdom

From KAF Electrical head southeast via Kirby Dr and Whitehorse Vale to Bright Horizons Bramingham Day Nursery and Preschool located at 79 Lucas Gardens, Luton LU3 4BG, United Kingdom

From Bright Horizons Bramingham Day Nursery and Preschool head northeast via Quantock Rise to Homebase – Luton located at Bramingham Business Park, Enterprise Way, Luton LU3 4BU, United Kingdom

From Homebase – Luton head northwest via Quantock Rise to Bramingham Park located at 24 Woodmere, Luton LU3 4DN, United Kingdom

From Bramingham Park, head southeast via Woodmere to Bramingham Primary School located at Bramingham Primary School, Freeman Ave, Luton LU3 4BL, United Kingdom

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