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The Lewsey suburb is a small town in Luton, England. This small town’s name came from the famous Lucy Family, the owners of the land on which Lewsey stands, additionally the Lewsey Park and Lewsey Farm. Historically, this family-owned area from around 1305 to about 1455; then, the property moved to the family of Wingate, who were lords at Toddington’s manor.

Close to Lewsey’s center is the University of Dunstable and Luton Hospital, which operates by serving Luton plus the extra-urban areas. There are two churches in Lewsey, E. Church of  St. Hugh on High Street of Leagrave & Latter-Day Saints and Church of Christ Jesus. By Poynters Road. You can easily find the post office in Lewsey, situated along Dunstable Road.

Lewsey is known for some of the different schools on its grounds. The Ferrars Nursery and Junior school, Chalk Hills and Ferrars Academy, and the Seabrook Nursery Day school. Lewsey is the largest part of its ward, and its representatives are; Cllr Khan Aslam (Labour), Cllr Burnett Jacqui (Labour), and Cllr Simmons Hazel, the council leader (labor).

Lewsey is an outskirt of Luton in England, bounded towards the North by the High Street of Leagrave, towards the South by Dunstable Road, towards the West by Poynters Road the East by the M1. Lewsey lies around the Eastern region under the United Kingdom’s sovereign government and the unitary authority of Luton. Lewsey postcode district is LU4, having a dialing code of 01582.

Lewsey is the oldest amongst the other three areas in its ward. It was first on the road of Dunstable around the 1950s with the hospital. It was somewhat a suburb with several farmlands surrounding its sides, including the first farmhouse of Lewsey towards the North.

Starting from Luton & Dunstable University Hospital located at NHS Foundation Trust, The L&D Hospital, Lewsey Rd, Luton LU4 0DZ, United Kingdom, head due north via Lewsey Rd and Holgate Dr to Foursquare Church Great Britain located at 41 Holgate Dr, Luton LU4 0XD, United Kingdom

From Foursquare Church Great Britain, head northwest via Holgate Dr to Lewsey Park located at Luton LU4 0PF, United Kingdom

From Lewsey Park, head northwest via Pastures Way to Zion Christian Academy C.i.C located at 8 Coltsfoot Green, Luton LU4 0XT, United Kingdom

From Zion Christian Academy C.i.C, head south via Kestrel Way and Pastures Way to Lewsey Sports Park located at Pastures Way, Luton LU4 0PF, United Kingdom

From Lewsey Sports Park, head southwest via Pastures Way and Lewsey Rd to Luton & Dunstable University Hospital located at NHS Foundation Trust, The L&D Hospital, Lewsey Rd, Luton LU4 0DZ, United Kingdom

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