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Stopsley is one of the several suburbs located in the eastern region of England. It is located in the north-east of Luton Bedfordshire.

Stopsley with an OS grid reference TL103235 is surrounded by the edge of Luton from the north and by Turners Road north and Vauxhall Way from the south. From the west, it is surrounded by Bradgers Hill, while Brays Road and Stapleford Road surround it from the east. The area dialing code is 01582.

The name Stopsley was believed to have been derived from scrobbale, according to Frederick Davis in a 1965 writing. Scrobbale in saxon is the same as scrapes and shrubsley in Norway and English, respectively, which means a hill covered with scrobbes.

However, modern etymology believed the name was derived from two elements, ‘Stopp’ and ‘Ley.’ They believe the ending part of the name is from the old English ‘Leah,’ which meant a wood a or clearing in wood, while ‘Stopp’ was the name of the man who owned the wood or clearing.

Initially a hill village, most of its urbanized part was joined to Luton in 1993 after the boundaries were extended, while its rural parts were joined to Streatley and Hyde.

Stopsley is currently a residential area with a village church and a number of shops. When viewed from a distance,  Jansen House becomes the most prominent point. The house that currently accommodates the Luton VAT office was built in 1961. It also accommodates several shops on its ground floor.

Stopsley is an academic home and a houses specialist sports college, Stopsley High School which is located in the town. The school has some worthy Alumni, including Monty Panesar, a professional cricketer.

In terms of tourist attraction, Stopsley, just like other Suburbs, gets a share of a handful of visitation generated by Luton town tourist attractions centers.

Politically, Stopsley, just like Puteridge and parts of Ramridge, is part of the larger Stopsley ward.

Starting from Stopsley Community Fire Station located at Stopsley, Luton LU2 9AD, United Kingdom head southeast via A505 and Stopsley Way/A505 to Stopsley Homestay located at 122 Ashcroft Rd, Luton LU2 9AX, United Kingdom

From Stopsley Homestay, head southwest via Ashcroft Rd to Glorious Temple Of Jesus Christ located at 37 Stronnell Cl, Luton LU2 9AS, United Kingdom

From Glorious Temple Of Jesus Christ head northwest via Langford Dr to Sacred Heart Primary School located at Langford Dr, Luton LU2 9AJ, United Kingdom

From Sacred Heart Primary School head due north via Ashcroft Rd to Ashcroft Road Recreation Ground located at Stopsley, Luton LU2 9AD, United Kingdom

From Ashcroft Road Recreation Ground head due north via A505 and Stopsley Way/A505 to Stopsley Community Fire Station located at Stopsley, Luton LU2 9AD, United Kingdom

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