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Sundon Park


Sundon Park is one of the districts found in the suburbs of North Luton, Bedfordshire. To the north of Sundon Park, is the rough edges of Luton, it has Leagrave Park on its southern boundaries. It has the Midland main line on its Western border while on its eastern border, it has Spinney woods and the footpath that leads to the extremes of the town.

Sundon Park derived its name from neighbouring villages of Lower Sundon and Upper Sundon. Prior to reorganization, Sundon was initially built as  a community serving the purpose of providing SKF factory with all it required in its production.

While there are many routes of entering the district, ‘Sundon Arch’ remains the main route. It is basically a railway bridge which links Toddington Road to Sundon Park. Sundon Park is divided into two parts ; Northern and Southern sides. The older part commonly referred to as ‘the  Avenue’ comprises numbered straight avenues.

Its first avenue was the ‘Fourth Avenue’ which was built in the late 1920s, it was subsequently followed by other avenues. The newer part, ‘North of Hill Rise’ was constructed somewhat in the late 1950s and was constructed in a way that the owners were always in occupation.

Sundon Park, being a small district, has its shopping centres around Hill Rise Junction. The shopping centre features convenience stores, takeaways and a gas station. Ashwell Avenue also has an array of smaller shops to cater for one’s shopping needs. Following the establishment of SK factory in the early 20th Century, the area between railway line and Sundon Park has been turned into a concentration ground for many industries, this in no small measure serves as a means of employment for its residents.

As regards Education, Sundon Park is not lagging behind as it has two schools; Parlen Primary School and Lealands High School. The former carters for kids aged 4-11 while the latter is for kids aged 11-16.

Sundon Park falls under the Sundon Park ward and represented by Clir Medd and Clir Anna Pedersen (Both are members of Liberal Democrats).

Starting from Lealands High School located at Sundon Park Rd, Luton LU3 3AL, United Kingdom head southeast via Sundon Park Rd to Domino’s Pizza – Luton – North located at 12, Sundon Park Parade, Sundon Park Rd, Luton LU3 3BH, United Kingdom

From Domino’s Pizza – Luton – North, head south via Sundon Park Rd to Sundon Medical Centre located at 142-144 Sundon Park Rd, Sundon Park, Luton LU3 3AH, United Kingdom

From Sundon Medical Centre head north east via Hill Rise to Parklea Primary School Lower located at Cranbrook Dr, Sundon Park, Luton LU3 3EW, United Kingdom

From Parklea Primary School Lower head northwest via Cranbrook Dr and Grampian Way to Sundon Park Junior School located at Kinross Cres, Luton LU3 3JU, United Kingdom

From Sundon Park Junior School, head southwest via Ashwell Ave to Lealands High School located at Sundon Park Rd, Luton LU3 3AL, United Kingdom

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