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Warden Hills


Warden Hill is one of the suburbs of Luton, Bedfordshire in the UK. It is located northwards of Luton Town. It is bounded to the South by Enderby road, Weybourne Drive and the A6 ; it has edges of Luton on its northern border while the hills and Birdsfoot Lane make up its Eastern and western boundaries respectively.

Warden Hill derived its name from the Hill. Before the growth and development that occurred in Luton, Warden Hill was but a small village located precisely on the Junction that leads to A6 and Icknield Way. It was formerly a parish found under the suburbs of Sentley and the nearby Galey Hill was formerly used to execute offenders of the state.

Warden Hills, being northward of the town is approximately 8km from the town’s center. Some of its neighboring villages are Runfold, Bushmead (South) and Bramingham(West). The district sits on the foot of two hills overlooking the village – Warden Hill and Galey Hill.

Galey Hill however is bigger and wider than Warden Hill. However, a site of special scientific interest recently added the two Hills to their management, under the name : ‘Warden and Galley Hill Nature Reserve’  so as to protect its natural habitats.  The Reserve boasts of rare species of plants and animals : moths, butterflies, etc.

The path of Icknield Way is another interesting location in Warden Hill. This is because the path has a 180km route which passes from Ivinghoe Beacon located in Buckinghamshire to the Knettishall health facility (Suffolk). The Icknield Way also serves as a spot for sporting activities. This is because horse riders, off-road cyclists do converge there at intervals to bask in the ambience of nature.

At the town’s centre, Wardee Hill has a church, community centre (for hosting events), a pub (Wadern Tavern) and golf course, all aimed at improving the lives of its residents.

As regards Education, Warden Hill has plenty of infant and junior schools in the district.

Starting from Gooseberry Hill Health Centre located at Gooseberry Hill, Road, Luton LU3 2LB, United Kingdom head west via Gooseberry Hill to Lynx House Serviced Accommodation located at Sandalwood Cl, Luton LU3 2JY, United Kingdom

From Lynx House Serviced Accomodation, head southeast via Catsbrook Rd to Talbot School Of Motoring located at Luton LU3 1ER, United Kingdom

From Talbot School Of Motoring, head northeast via Birdsfoot Ln to Saint John’s Methodist Church located at Birdsfoot Ln, Luton LU3 2DN, United Kingdom

From Saint John’s Methodist Church head north via Barton Rd/A6 to Indigo Residential located at 197 Barton Rd, Luton LU3 2BN, United Kingdom

From Indigo Residential, head southwest via Icknield Way to Gooseberry Hill Health Centre located at Gooseberry Hill, Road, Luton LU3 2LB, United Kingdom

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