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Stockwood Park Luton UK

Stockwood Park Luton UK, is a vast and gorgeous urban park in Luton, Bedfordshire Farley Hill Estate. And, you do not have to worry about fees, the entry is free! 

John Crawley created this gorgeous park in 1740. He made sure it was highly elite and up to the trends for the Bedfordshire landowners that were going to live around and experience it daily. The style of the garden was significantly influenced by a variety of styles including, Dutch, French, and Italian.

Your heads will be turning at where to start with this park. Your options are endless, and you can walk through the period formal gardens, learn a little history in the crafts museum, see the Rugby club, enjoy the golfing facilities, and multiple hectares. A treasured aspect of the Stockwood Park is their Discovery Center, where they house original components of the park-like walled garden and stables.

So, whether you are coming by yourself or with your family, there is enough space to enjoy a picnic, walk around the athletic track, enjoy the tranquil lake, walk between the trees, flying kites, or play a sports game.

There is even something for children if walking around and exploring the park does not keep them entertained. Stockwood Park has a play area where children can release their energy and interact with other fellow children in the beautiful scenery around them.

Or, you can take your child to the museum where they can see galleries and interact with exhibits. The array of exhibits will have you interested in the history of Romans, animals, and even an exhibit about the transportation vehicles from the past like carriages. And, they also have special exhibits, so make sure you stay updated on when they are showing new exhibits. And, the Discovery Center entry is free of charge!

If your children like animals, you can even see ponies and horses, and you can also book a riding session. It is a perfect way for your child to experience something new and interact with animals. And, after your activities, you can also get some ice-cream and then go on to explore the rest of the park.

Some pluses that come with Stockwood Park is that they have a lot of parking options available, a cafe, bathrooms, and on a special occasion, they have music and plays available for you to see.

And they are even dog-friendly. The park is a fantastic option for you and your furry companion to get some exercise. So, on that note, Stockwood Park is also an accessible and popular location for runners, bikers, and joggers, especially in the morning time.

So, as you can see, there is enough to see and do that will keep you busy from sunrise to sunset. You most likely will not even be able to see everything all in one visit, but the good news is that it is open all year round. So, make sure you make your way to Stockwood Park Luton UK, located London Rd, Farley Hill, Luton LU1 5PP, England.

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