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Woodside Animal Farm and Leisure Park Luton

Have you ever wanted to experience farm animals in a more interactive and personal way? Well, at Woodside Animal Farm and Leisure Park, you can do just that. 

Woodside Animal Farm and Leisure Park house a wide variety of animal breeds in their seven-acre property.

Whether you are a group, school, or planning a birthday party, there are going to be activities and entertainment that will surely keep every child happy.

From hands-on sessions where you can cuddle and pet individual animals, release some energy in the play area, show off some skill in the eighteen-hole golf course, enjoy a tractor and trailer ride, or view animal demonstrations your child is sure to have a smile on their face.

If you are a school or group, there is a package for you. It includes a hands-on session, tractor and trailer ride, mini fairground rides, a private lunch room, free coach parking, and because safety is critical, especially with children, there are qualified first aid on site.

If you were thinking of a birthday party, there is a lot included in this package. You can get a three-hour party, printable invites, a bag of animal feed for every child, a fun decorated party room, party lunch box, goodie bag, a birthday present for the celebrated child, and if the child is already a member, they will have free access to their own party. But tickets for children start at fifteen pounds each. And, you can even book it online.

But do not worry, the rain will not be able to ruin your fun. Even if it is a gloomy day, your children can find something to do because there is an indoor soft play center and cafe where you and your children can grab an array of food and drink options like sandwiches or paninis, cakes, and other treats, and for the parents, a great selection of coffee.

And, before you leave, you can visit the farm and gift shops. You will be able to find a great selection of poultry, pet feed, handmade food items, bedding, animal healthcare, and even fun accessories.

Another added plus is the facilities that Woodside Animal Farm and Leisure Park offers, free parking that also has disabled spots

  • wheelchair accessible facility’s
  • bathrooms with changing tables located in the parking lots
  • a play barn
  • a central main park
  • numerous hand washing stations
  • buggies
  • bikes and scooters
  • registered service dogs

So if you want to enjoy some fun with your children, family, or school, make sure to plan your visit at their location Woodside Road Slip End Beds LU1 4DG.

And, they are open seven days a week 9 am- 5 pm, except for certain holidays, so make sure to follow them on social media and check their website for updates.

Memberships will include unlimited unfair rides, indoor play barn, outdoor play area, animal encounters, and tractor rides — 45 pounds for adults and children (2-16), and family of four for 160 pounds.

After all, who does not want to meet a donkey named Cinderella? Get your tickets today.

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